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A hilarious and moving exploration of the enduring appeal of murder mysteries.

Tim Benzie, the acclaimed creator and host of Solve-Along-A-Murder-She-Wrote performs his now one-man show, a funny and engrossing deep dive into the appeal of murder mysteries.

The audience are summoned to the drawing room as Tim takes on the role of detective, examining the clues that drew him to the genre as a child, a journey from Scooby Doo and Encyclopedia Brown, to German mystery-puzzle books via reading the entire works of Agatha Christie as a teenager. Along the way he draws connections between obsessions with detective films, the TV series Murder, She Wrote, his role as Detective Tim for Disney TV and his current Solve-Along show.

Funny, touching and showcasing the delight in pop culture minutiae that has made Solve-Along-A-Murder-She-Wrote a cult hit, It’s a Mystery will appeal to fans of the genre and anyone who’s ever wondered whodunnit (and why).

“Benzie is a great host. His enthusiasm for this genre is immediately apparent and his journey through the topic, heartfelt … This is a great insight, lots of fun and a joyful production at this year's Fringe. A killer of a show!” ★★★★★ WEST END BEST FRIEND

Age guidance: 16+.

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